Material Downloads for Fighting with Food

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Student Materials

Student Graphic Inquiry Stories

The Graphic Inquiry Stories use a comic book format to model the process of inquiry for students using fictional characters that become interested in something happening around them, pose a series of testable questions, collect data, and discuss their claims and evidence with each other to reach a conclusion. These stories were developed to help students become familiar with the process of inquiry so they can conduct their own investigations using the Guided Inquiry Student Activities.

The table below provides links to file for the stories as well as the questions embedded in the story and suggested student answers.

Student Guided Inquiry Student Activities

These Guided Inquiry Student Activities coordinate with the Teacher Science Activities and are designed for students to use during laboratory investigations. Each inquiry guide provides an introductory scenario to get students thinking about an investigation along with space to record testable questions, procedures, data, claims, and evidence. A brief science explanation is also included.

Student Background Readings

These student background readings provide content related to the Fighting with Food project in a colorful, magazine style layout. The close reading questions for student background readings help support Common Core Standards for Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects that expect students to closely and attentively read texts in content areas.

Teacher Materials

Teacher Background PowerPoint Presentations

These PowerPoint presentations provide Fighting with Food project background content for teachers.

LargeTopic_1_Part_A 10.1 MB
LargeTopic_1_Part_B 12.7 MB
LargeTopic_1_Part_C 12.6 MB
LargeTopic_1_Part_D 9.2 MB
LargeTopic_2_Part_A 1.4 MB
LargeTopic_2_Part_B 1 MB
LargeTopic_3 17 MB
LargeTopic_4 31.9 MB

Notes to the Teacher for Each Student Science Activity

The teacher versions of the science activities provide science content background, preparation, suggested procedures, and strategies for incorporating student inquiry processes into the activity.