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Project Description

Writing and Inquiry Stories to Explore Science (WISE Science) was funded by an Ohio Department of Education Improving Teacher Quality Grant  and supported teaching and learning of both “science inquiry and applications” standards and science content standards from Ohio’s New Learning Standards for grade 6–8. WISE Science was led by Miami University’s Center for Chemistry Education (CCE) and developed through a partnership of the Miami University College of Arts & Science; Miami University College of Education, Health, and Society; Middletown City Schools; and Dayton Public Schools.

The WISE Science teacher and student materials are based on the idea of an Inquiry Cycle Lesson which include four components:

  1. The Graphic novel style inquiry story about a student investigation (with embedded discussion questions) builds understanding of testable questions (questions that can be answered through scientific investigations), experimental design, claims, supporting evidence, and scientific reasoning.
  2. The Teacher guide supports scaffolding students from the inquiry story to student framing of their own testable questions and designing and conducting scientific investigations to answer them.
  3. The Science writing template prompts students to record their investigation process and results, analyze and interpret data; think critically and logically to connect evidence and explanations to make claims using science reasoning.
  4. A colorful magazine style student content reading directly supports the investigation topic and includes close reading questions for recognizing and analyzing explanations.

View current materials from the WISE Science project here: ccemu.org/projects/current-materials-wise/.