Fighting with Food Project

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Project Description

CCE was awarded a Science Education Partnership Award from the National Institutes of Health for a project called Fighting with Food: Battling Chemical Toxicity with Good Nutrition. The goal of this five-year project was to develop middle and high school classroom instructional materials that explore the role of nutrition in reducing risk from everyday environmental contaminants such as lead and PCBs. The project introduced students to current biomedical research on this topic. Hands-on inquiry labs and food-tasting experiences helped bring the topic to life. Project partners included the University of Cincinnati Medical Center Division of Toxicology, the University of Kentucky Superfund Research Program, and Kent State University.


Current Project Materials Downloads

You can view and download current project materials at

Project Aims

AIM 1: Develop classroom materials for middle and high school that incorporate guided inquiry to explore the topics of nutrition and exposure to toxic chemicals in the environment.

AIM 2: Provide graduate-credit professional development to more than 400 middle and high school science and health teachers, and online professional development to additional teachers.

AIM 3: Engage teachers and students in community outreach in support of improved nutrition.

AIM 4: Conduct a research study on project impact.

AIM 5: Expand public and professional awareness of the Fighting with Food materials.

Project Topics

Each of the following large topics have been used to create classroom lessons that combine student background readings, graphic inquiry stories, hands-on investigations, and food-tasting experiences.

  • Large Topic 1: Chemicals, Poisons, and Toxicants, Oh My! An introduction to environmental toxicants and their effects, including endocrine disruption and epigenetic effects.

  • Large Topic 2: Get the Lead Out How calcium in the diet can minimize the impact of lead exposure

  • Large Topic 3: Power Pills? Deciding whether whole foods or supplements provide better protection from environmental toxicants

  • Large Topic 4: Super Colors How anthocyanin-rich foods protect us from the effects of PCB exposure